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In addition to agronomy and food testing, this laboratory, which began functioning at the end of 2011, is specialized in mining. Located in Callao, Lima, the mining laboratory has in a short time become a leader in the country.

Accreditations (+)

Accreditation for Testing Laboratories, granted by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) for pesticide residues, dithocarbamates, heavy metals and microbiology in fruits and vegetables; heavy metals and histamine in hydribiological samples and microbiology in water.

Accreditation granted by International Accreditation Service (IAS) for the specific mining studie.

Accredited as an Analytical Testing Laboratory by the Instituto Nacional de la Calidad (Inacal) of Peru for physicochemical and microbiological tests in the environmental sector for all types of water (source, residual, potable, processed, and marine). Sampling services included.

LE-072 | Acred.


Latest news

04/02/2013 - Company
The International Accreditation Services (IAS) has recently granted to the laboratories of AGQ Labs in Peru the accreditation for analysis in fruits, vegetable, hydrobiological and...
13/09/2012 - Mining
A new approach to the mining sector has been established worldwide: sustainability, that is, the risk of environmental impact must be evaluated from the early exp...
21/05/2012 - Company
AGQ Labs opened last May 18 its new laboratory in La Perla, Callao (Peru). The CEO of the company, Estanislao Martínez as well as the Ambassador of Spain Juan Carlos Sanchez, the ...


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