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Laboratory specialized in agronomy and food testing. This new laboratory, inaugurated in the beginning of 2011, is accredited by IAS (a US accreditation agency) for pesticide analysis in fruit and vegetables.

Accreditations (+)

Accreditation for laboratory analyses, granted by International Accreditation Services (IAS) for AGQ MAROC SARL for the determination of pesticide residues in fruits and horticultural products.


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Latest news

10/07/2012 - Company
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Morocco has recently approved AGQ Labs for food and agronomic analysis according to the agrarian reform n ° 256-91 of 7 Joumada II 141...
16/12/2011 - Food Area
Since this month of December AGQ Labs is making pesticide residue analysis accredited in our Mohammedia (Morocco) laboratory. The ISO-17025 accreditation has been granted by the U....
11/09/2011 - Food Area
One of the values of AGQ Labs is the amount of information and knowledge it accumulates. In terms of pesticide residues, in addition to carrying out risk analysis, control and ...


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