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Laboratorio BPL-REACH

This laboratory is located at our headquarters in Seville (Spain). Here, pesticide degradation studies are carried out, as well as physicochemical property analyses (explosivity, flammability, etc.) of chemical products, abiding by REACH registration. The personnel in this laboratory (chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, chemical engineers) posses high qualifications and specialized experience in this field.


  • 5 Lots (determining the wealth of active ingredients in a compound or substance, taking into account 5 production batches)
  • Dissipation of pesticides (to determine the persistence of an active ingredient / formulated on different arrays that can be contacted)
  • Stability (Accelerated, ambient temperature and low temperatures).
  • Determination of the wealth of active ingredients in any compound.
  • Identification and characterization of physicochemical properties


lab bpl 1
lab bpl 2
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