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Analysis for quaternary ammoniums. Implemented for fresh fruits and vegetables


The analysis for quaternary ammoniums is implemented for fresh fruits and vegetables. It includes the determination of: benzalkonium chloride salts, and Didecyldimethylammoniium chloride.
LOD = 0.01 mg/kg
Technique: Liquid MS-MS Chromatography (LC-MS-MS)
Analysis Code: ML-6000
Didecyldimethylammoniium chloride (DDAC) and benzalamonium chloride (BAC) are quaternary ammoniums also known as quats. These components are widely used as disinfectants and tensoactives, though they are also found in biocides.

CDDA and BAC are authorized substances in ecological and conventional agronomic practices, as cleaning or disinfectant agents for facility and vessel cleaning. However, these compounds are not authorized to be used in crops protection purposes or post harvest treatments in fruits or vegetables (ecologic nor conventional). MRLs for these compounds in Europe are 0.01mg/kg.