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Full support service to FDA detentions: sampling, analysis and monitoring

Quick response and according to the FDA Detentions requirements and procedures
Sampling according to FDA protocols
Real-time monitoring of the sample status (BeSafer online platform)
Final report and presentation to the FDA
More than 300 active substances, with detection limits of 0.01 ppm
ISO 17025 Accredited

What are the FDA Detentions?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the U.S. government ensures that all products imported into its territory comply with regulatory standards and are safe for U.S. consumers. If a product imported into the United States has evidence of having been adulterated, mislabeled and unapproved for entry, the FDA will stop it preventing its release (detentions).

How to act?

In order to avoid costly delays, it is essential that importers act quickly to an FDA detentions to provide analytical reports proving the compliance with regulations by the product.

With a pesticide residue analysis service that includes more than 300 active substances and a detection limit of 0.01 ppm, AGQ Labs USA provides a fast and complete report, adapted to the specifications required by the FDA. AGQ is accredited (ISO 17025) for these analysis of pesticide residues in perishable products.

AGQ Labs protocols for sampling and analysis are strictly adapted to the FDA requirements; our technical capacity, response time, and a full support service, ensure an immediate notification to the competent authority for review.

Additionally, our customers will check the sample status in real time by our online platform "Besafer". This tool also allows easy access to validated reports.

You can contact us about specific molecules, additional services, information or support.
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