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Environmental Inspection


AGQ develops highly technical projects from waters (wastewater, surface, underground, marine, and potable) as well as underwater sediments.
  • Environmental control of industrial effluents
  • Assessment and testing of drainage networks
  • Monitoring plans for piezometric (underground) waters
  • Environmental monitoring of superficial and marine waters
  • Meter calibration for continuous testing of discharge
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inspeccion 2

Solid Matrices

AGQ employs various projects to assess potentially contaminated soil, covering the Exploration and Detailed phases until the determination of contaminated soil. Certification of the remaining soil as decontaminated.


  • Development of regulatory inspections
  • Internal self-monitoring of environmental specifications
  • Immission inspections (total dust, sediment and SH2)
  • Regulatory inspections for environment
  • Identification of biogas in waste treatment centers.


  • Immission sound tests indoors and outdoors
  • Preoperational acoustic studies with modeling using predictive software.


  • Characterization of waste as hazardous and hazardous materials removal
  • Characterization of sewage sludge for use in agriculture
  • Characterization of waste for disposal by landfill
  • Technical assistance to producers and waste managers