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The Ministry of Environment of Chile presents a report about the environmental quality in Chile

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25/06/2012 - Environmental
The Ministry of Environment of Chile has recently presented a comprehensive report detailing the environmental quality of the country. The document discusses each of the risks to population health and quality of life, environmental heritage and global atmospheric changes. In the chapter on soil contamination, AGQ Labs has provided its capability and resources to be part of the project for the detection and evaluation of heavy metal pollution in Arica.

The "State of the Environment Report" has been appreciated as "important milestone" in the access to environmental information based on international standards. The Government of Chile fulfills the commitment to report every four years the state of the environment, at national, regional and local levels and a consolidated report about the state of the environment once a year. According to the Government of Chile, the main objective of the document is to "make known the main environmental problems of the country, establishing a diagnosis or state of the environment and then identify the main stress factors or causes and, finally, to provide the strategies or answers to address these problems."

AGQ Labs works with the Ministry of Environment in the implementation of soil management projects with the presence of contaminants that represent "national importance" in the region of Arica. The aim of these actions is to identify and evaluate abandoned soils with contaminants, designed to reduce and minimize risks and protect the people's health and the environment. This collaboration is reflected within the bloc assigned to the "Risks to the population health and quality of life" in the chapter on "Soil Pollution" and confirms AGQ as a reference laboratory in potentially contaminated soils monitoring.

Polymetals in Arica

Pollution in soils of Arica has its origin in the transport of substances containing heavy metals from Sweden (1984 and 1989) and Bolivia.

In 2008 and 2009 AGQ Labs carried out an exhaustive study of chemical analysis of soils in the city of Arica. To follow this project, and after the development of various programs and protocols, the terms of reference were implemented in 2011 for the development of a study to assess the health risks of the population by the presence of polymetals , ending about the middle of 2012.

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