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SAG allocates AGQ the superficial water analysis in Copipaó (Chile)

09/04/2012 - Environmental
Farming and Ranching Service of Chile (SAG) has recently allocated AGQ Chile the tender for the superficial water analysis in Copiapó. This agreement is aimed to ‘create basis lines about water quality in general and verify the compliance with current legislation’ according to the bidding terms. To allocate the work, the relevant agency has taken into account, amongst others, delivery time of results and the quality of the competitor services. In this sense, AGQ laboratories in Chile boast at present the 17025 accreditation in Microbiology and Physicochemical areas for water. Also they have at their disposal the latest technology and qualified staff for an effective and fast result of their analytic services. Among our equipment, stand out Optical ICP, Segmented Flow analyzers or GS-MS, amongst others. The samples to study, minimum of 28, will be carried out between March and December 2012, at seven different control units. This part of the process will be studied by SAG employees of Atacama region, and analyzed later by AGQ laboratories in Chile. Within the parameters that will be analyzed for water samples are coliforms fecals, aluminum, arsenic, barium, copper, iron, vanadium, zinc or pH. All of them are accredited under the standar NCh-ISO 17025.