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New BeSafer Applications: Alert Services and Data Export

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20/08/2013 - Company
Many AGQ clients have found in BeSafer a tool they have long needed- a quick and easy way to  manage analytical data. With more than 2,500 monthly visits of an average 12 minutes per visit, we can affirm that BeSafer has indeed been a success since its launch late last year. Available in English, French, Spanish and Italian, BeSafer equips clients with the means to  organize their laboratory results (per supplier(s), location(s), sampling points, crops, etc), contrast those results with reference values and/or specific regulations, create graphs and other visual statistics, oversee projects, etc.

New Functionalities

Despite such success, we continue in our day-to-day to seek  ways we can improve and build upon the platform’s services. To this end, we are
pleased to announce two new functionalities available across all sector

Alert Services: Each and every AGQ client can design a personalized notification system that will send an alert when an indicated parameter of any one sample exceeds established levels of acceptability. What determines “acceptability” can be specific  legal regulations, client-selected values, or any other reference points of interest. Notifications can be activated by either minimum and/or maximum value limits. In this way, when a sample falls outside determined ranges the client will receive a personalized alert at the moment of sample validation well before final report remittance.

Exporting Analytical Data: With the use of various filters and other options, clients can export data sets of interest to an Excel format. In but one consultation a client can export the analytical results of any and all samples they wish. In addition to viewing columnized results of each parameter, clients can obtain any other analytical  information of interest related to the sample: description, code, origin, sampling point, date of finalization, etc.

We hope these new program additions  will be of great use to you - our clients. In the case you may need clarification about any particular application mentioned or about BeSafer’s other tools and functionalities, please don’t hesitate to get in contact your in-country AGQ client service department.

We would like to remind you that BeSafer is a service available to all AGQ clients free of charge. If you are currently a client and have not accessed this portal, request your username and password today to take advantage of its tremendous offering.