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Congress of Biopharmacy in Chile

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17/04/2012 - Biopharmaceutics
AGQ Labs performed on March 29, a work meeting about biopharmacy.  Among the people who attended were Technical Directors and Commercial Managers of Pharmaceutical Industry, all of them interested in conducting bioequivalence studies. This encounter was held at AGQ Labs in Santiago, Chile.

The meeting began with the presentation of Dr. Jorge Fuentealba (CIAB – U. de Concepción), who talked about "Bioequivalence, biomarkers and their impact on public health in Chile and Latin America".

Subsequently, Dr. Miguel Copaja, responsible of the biopharmacy area in AGQ América,   talked about “Good Laboratory Practice – Bioequivalence” and “Bioequivalence studies: Pharmacokinetics vesus Pharmacodynamics”.

Finally, Chemist Marcia Becerra, explained the Chromatographic methods associated at Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer.
During the working day, the professionals were invited to see our facilities and then interchange opinions about bioequivalence studies and pharmaceutical science.

The laboratories that attended the event were: PharmaInvesti, OPKO Chile, Medipharm, Laboratorio Bagó de Chile, Laboratorio Chile, Laboratorio Saval, Laboratorio Maver, Laboratorio Davis, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Laboratorios Mintlab.