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BeSafer now on your mobile phone

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25/06/2014 - Company
AGQ goes one step forward to help our clients to obtain the maximum accessibility to their analytical data. By means of this tool, you can consult your analytical results anytime and everywhere, besides of having updated information about the status of your samples.

Download it for free and enjoy its benefits
  • You will receive a notification whenever your samples arrive at the Laboratory
  • Likewise we send a notification to your mobile phone informing on the analysis end
  • Results inquiry, both finished and in process samples
  • Alerts notifications. When a sample does not fulfill the criteria set by you on an alert (on Besafer website version), you will receive the notification on your mobile phone, besides the mail you currently receive.
  • Geopositioning of samples. Besafer APP will also allow you geopositioning samples automatically, so you can make mappings easily with the greatest detail.
Consult installation and user manual

We remind you that in the website version of BeSafer you can find more applications and functions: results contrast, legislations, statistics, comparisons, trends, etc….