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AGQ Peru is 17025 Accredited by INDECOPI for Environmental Testing

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11/07/2013 - Environmental
AGQ’s environmental expertise -  in mining and hydrocarbon-energy initiatives - has been recognized with INDECOPI accreditation NTP-ISO/IEC 17025 (Registration Nº LE-072) for environmental testing performed in its Callao installations. This recognition supports the company’s ample offering of physicochemical and microbiological tests in the environmental sector for all types of water, including:

-DB05, DQO, SST, ST, TDS, SSed, AyG, pH, CE, Chlorides, Flourides, Cr VI, Nitrogenous Materials, CN Totals/Wads, P-Total, SAAM, etc.

- Heavy Metals and Specific Tests for Hydride Generation

- Microbiological Parameters (C. Totals, C. Fecals, E. Coli, Salmonella, Vibrio, Bacterias)

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AGQ also provides fully-accredited sampling services for all aqueous matrices. This extension of our work equips clients with a comprehensive sample management and oversight program.

Other important fields of sub-specialization in AGQ’s international environmental scope include contaminated soils, atmospheric infrastructure, and acoustics. AGQ currently collaborates in Peru with both mining and energy industry leaders in these areas, drawing upon its 15+ years experience in Europe. Shortly, all analyses in these areas will be accredited in Peru as well.