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AGQ monitors industrial discharges to the sewer system in Chile

01/10/2012 - Environmental
AGQ will monitor the effluent discharges from 72 industrial establishments in Iquique, Alto Hospicio and Arica (Chile) to the public sewerage system. The concessionaire, Aguas del Altiplano (ADA), provides services of drinking water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment to Tarpacá regions, Arica and Parinacota in the north of Chile.

AGQ's work, which will run for a period of two months, involves the establishment of a permanent control unit in the city of Iquique to control the presence of heavy metals, suspended solids and settleable, oils and fats, total hydrocarbons and measuring parameters such as pH or temperature, among others.

The concessionaire, Aguas del Altiplano (ADA),  has relied on AGQ in the past by awarding the company the control of the excess charge agreements for 3 companies that discharge liquid to the sewer system of the city of Arica.