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AGQ Mining expands its scope of accreditation for metal and rock in Spain

Among others, Uranium, thorium, tungsten and soluble forms of copper are included

29/01/2013 - Mining
After the audit made by IAS (International Accreditation Services) in our laboratories in Seville last December, AGQ Labs has extended its accreditation (ISO-17025), having now included in scope parameters as uranium, thorium , tungsten, metals and non-metals by alkaline melting, and the soluble copper forms, among others, for rocks and minerals (see current scope)

This way, both technological capacity and scope of accreditation (awarded by the American institution, IAS), make AGQ Mining capable of responding to the analytical needs of the mining sector. To go in depth into this and other specialized services we offer, you can visit our website www.agqmining.com

Finally, we remind you that our lab of Peru also has the ISO-17025 Accreditation for analysis of metals in rocks and minerals, also granted by IAS.