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AGQ Labs expands its services in Africa

The commercial expansion of AGQ Labs across the African continent continues in the west with the entry in Senegal

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28/01/2019 - Agronomy

Although in Africa AGQ Labs already had presence, in the north in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, and in the South in South Africa, now the expansion in West Africa continues with the signing of a licensing contract in Senegal with Tropisen.

This contract opens the doors to other countries in the area where Tropisen carries out its activities. These countries are Guinea Bissau, The Gambia, Guinea Konakri, Mali and other options in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Tropisen is a consolidated company in Senegal with a large number of contacts and experience in various sectors of agricultural consulting. This contract will add value to its wide range of services, giving the African market the opportunity to make its emerging agriculture more efficient.

Javier Orellana, Global Product Manager of AGQ Labs values ??the firm Senegal is an incredible country, after the appearance of rudimentary agriculture has incredible capabilities that can be enhanced through the use of our services.

Andrew Shatalin, CEO of Tropisen says: The presence of these technologies in Africa is unusual, we are eager to provide a new degree of technology that improves and makes more efficient and environmentally friendly agriculture in these countries.

Contact us if you need more information about the analytical and consultancy services we offer in Senegal and the rest of Africa, and also to support your productive and export activity in many other international destinations.