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AGQ laboratories in Peru achieve the accreditation for mineral analysis

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04/04/2012 - Mining
The North American entity International Accreditation Services (IAS) has recently given AGQ laboratories in Peru the accreditation for metal analysis – gold and silver included, on rocks and minerals. This appreciation puts our installations among the most important group of laboratories which provide for services the mining industry in this country. Peru is one of the main metal-producing countries worldwide. Specifically, according to the Energy and Mining Minister of the country data, it is the first silver-producing country worldwide and the second one copper-producing. Also, it is the first gold, zinc, tin, lead and molybdenum producing in Latin America. AGQ launched its laboratories of La Perla – Callao, Lima, at the end of last year with a clear spirit for service to the mining industry. The IAS accreditation along with a great commitment of technical and human resources is one more necessary step to reach a high level of quality and competitiveness in such as specialized market. Among the mining services that our laboratories offer, we find metal analysis in low, medium and high metallic elements concentration (ICP-OES – Volumetric), gold, silver and precious metal (fire test – AAS – gravimetry), sulfur and its methods of analysis; besides organic components analysis or environmental tests in different moulds: water, floor, mud, particles, vegetable and animal samples. Apart from mining, AGQ Peru laboratories offer a wide range of additional services for environmental and other producing sectors.