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Acquisition of agri-food laboratory in Italy

AGQ Labs acquires in Italy one of the reference laboratories in the agri-food sector

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06/07/2021 - Company

AGQ Labs has acquired 100% of the shares of the Italian laboratory Lambda Srl, located in Verona. Lambda is one of the laboratories with the best reputation in the agri-food sector, with a history of more than 25 years in the country. According to Estanislao Martínez, Executive President of AGQ Labs this operation is part of our 2020-2023 strategic plan, where we aim to strengthen our position in Europe.

Lambda has a wide range of microbiological and physicochemical analyses. It is accredited to the highest level (ISO 17025) by Accredia, the Italian national accreditation body. Most of its clients are agricultural production and food processing companies, mainly cereals and pasta, meat and catering (restaurants and hotels).

AGQ Labs currently has 20 subsidiaries in Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa) and Europe (Spain, Italy and Portugal). AGQ Labs is also in the main countries of America, where the company has a very strong position from Chile to the United States. In fact, the last three acquisitions were made in Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Bet on Europe

Our commitment to Europe is clear. We have been operating in Italy for about nine years, almost a decade in which we have managed to position ourselves as a strategic provider of specialized services in advanced and sustainable agriculture, and in food safety control analysis. With this acquisition we will take an important leap, by being able to provide a closer and faster service in the country with this new laboratory, comments Estanislao Martínez, who also assures that Europe is a priority in his expansion and growth plan in the short and medium term.

In addition to Italy, AGQ Labs is present in Portugal and Spain, and has commercial partners in France and Austria.